Our Mission - Vibrant Health and Wellness Foundation (VHWF)

Mission – Engage, educate, and promote healthy, lasting, lifestyle changes that prevent chronic diseases.  

The Vibrant Health and Wellness Foundation, Inc;  is a non profit 501 ( c ) 3, organization that was initially founded in 2003 as a project under the entity of a much larger foundation.  Its mission was to enhance the physical wellness and quality of life for adults, youth, children and people with special needs with out regard to race, religion or national origin. VHWF was established to provide multidimensional solutions to the questions on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle.


* Management and delivery of evidence-based wellness programming for specific educational disease prevention and health maintenance purposes.

* Partnering with medical communities to educate patients on Lifestyle Medicine

* Promote awareness and availability of wellness education and its complementary role(s) in chronic metabolic disease prevention, longevity and aging healthy lifestyles.

* Raise both public and private support for disease prevention and wellness activities to be conducted on behalf of vulnerable target groups (i.e. the elderly, those living with (or at risk of contracting) chronic metabolic disorders (e.g.diabetes, heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.).

* Establish fee-for-service relationships with private self-insured employers, businesses and individuals, and establishing contractual relationships with the local,state and federal public health departments.

* Establish schedules and sponsorship for (1) public and private sector fundraising, (2) disease prevention education workshops, (3) public health conferences, (4) health fairs, (5) community events to include physical activities that promote healthier lifestyles. and (6) promoting edible gardens within the residential and community setting

The mission emphasis of the Vibrant Health and Wellness Foundation is to improve the health of the people of Maryland, and the Washington DC metropolitan area by serving as an advocate for health-fitness promotion, wellness education and disease prevention.