Focus Areas - Vibrant Health and Wellness Foundation (VHWF)

Seek sponsors and hold fund raising activities to increase health-fitness activities, nutritional awareness, and promote the benefits as a means to increase health span and overall sense of well-being.

Short term focus: To address the particular physical health, nutritional, and wellness needs of the traditionally underserved population in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area, including social and economic deprived communities, youths, seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities.

Long Term focus: Seek global partnership to fully exploit and bring to fruition advances and trends in health-fitness and nutrition as a means to prevent unnecessary illnesses.

Encourage State, County, and City Government and business leaders to increase health-fitness and wellness programs within their organizations and communities.

Facilitate focus groups to support and strengthen by collaboration organizations seeking to improve the health of underserved population; and implementation of stress, weight, and nutritional management programs designed to reduce obesity and related diseases.

Short term financial needs: $150K to increase awareness and promote the benefits of physical fitness and good dietary choices by staging a road race event at the National Harbor.

Long term financial needs: $500K-1500K annually to demonstrate the effectiveness of physical activity and sound nutrition as a means to reduce health disparities among social and economical deprived people.

VHWF planned to partner with communities, local governments, military, and business entities to ensure human capital is preserved and social and economical deprived communities don’t become a financial burden for other communities to bare the burden.